Animate your Concepts

Have you ever tried to explain complex matters in a simple way? So you know how difficult it is. Motion Graphics and Animations are there for helping you:

  • Pitches can be done following an attractive and brilliant story
  • Motion graphics offer a catchy and easier way to read text content.
  • Products have a chance to be explained and understood immediately
  • Animations no need physics laws. There are no limits to creativity.

I can provide an endless range of technics such as: Video Infographics, Kinetic Typographic, Motion Graphics, Cartoons, Animations, Product Explainers, Pitch Elevators and many else.

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Motion Graphic Production

Motion Graphics Sample
Motion Graphics
A series of technics starting from Kinetic Typography, till any "on movement" kind of Graphic Design. Motion Graphics are ideal to show text contents and visionary concepts more than anything else.

Often used for making interesting any long script, most of the time a technical one. It helps to focus the attention on topic and increases the understanding. IT, Service companies, Developers. Everyone can get benefits from it.

Animation Production

Animations - Sample
Do you remember any Disney movie? I am sure you do, those are unforgettable. And the reason why it is that a story told by images is much more powerful than any other verbal ones.

Everything can be animated and cartooned, infographics take life, also your products, till the CEO as well if needed. Explain your ideas with simplicity and you win your customers.

Motion Graphics and Animations

If you have to tell something to someone else, do it in a way the other will enjoy it. A simple static text, supposing it done in a basic Microsoft Word template, will make hard your journey to conquest the curiosity.

But what happens if we use a magic wand and we give life to our letters? And what happens if we turn people into some cartooned character too? Well, the interest will be surely captured and the message will be much easier assimilated by the viewer.

I used hundreds of this technics with many clients, helping them to delivery extremely difficult concepts with the same facility of a kid game. The pitches are immediately caught, and followed promptly by thousand of other specific questions regarding the products, showing interest and creating leads. Animations simply work... ready for your turn?




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Motion Graphics

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