The 13 FREE Tools that will drastically improve your productivity.

When my father was still managing his Hotel, I was a kid. The main office was full of the newest technologies. A huge Phone Switchboard occupied the back wall, ready to give the right line to the right phone. A Mechanical Transfer loaded of Carbon Paper was on the side of the table to slide the first credit cards coming from American tourists. The Fax had instead a reserved cabinet because no shaking was allowed while working, otherwise a visible out of tuning made impossible to read anything at all.
It was a long time ago. But all of those instruments already saved much time and effort to manage the tons of responsibility he had.
Today? Well, the same concept but much more to do. With the advent of the internet, distances have become shorter as well as the time at disposition to solve any matter.
To fight and win the present, we have simply one choice:
Use our large number of new solutions that are there.

So here we are with:

“The 13 FREE Tools that will drastically improve your productivity”.


The To-Do-List Trinity
How many times, while you were walking, combing the hair, eating at lunch break, sipping your favorite cocktail, and staying in your desk under another pile of paper, you remembered something to do or your customer calls you with a last minute request?
To me, a lot! And the To-Do-List Applications really changed my way to live my work, from a hell of a headache to a peaceful and sunny green field.


1. Wunderlist.



From their website: “Keep your life in sync.
Wunderlist is the easiest way to get stuff done. Whether you’re planning a holiday, sharing a shopping list with a partner or managing multiple work projects, Wunderlist is here to help you tick off all your personal and professional to-dos.”

It is an extremely easy to use application. Did you get the idea? Just open the application, write it down, drag and drop it in your best position along the list, done!
The sync will deliver the same information along with all the devices where the app is active.
When you click on the title, a card on the side will be launched with, eventually, the possibility to write down deeper information and notes, or add a reminder.
You can then split the lists of things to do under different tabs, for example, Work, Personal, Baby, and more. Even share it with other people.
Did you accomplish one of those duties? Click on the checkbox and forget about it.

Because it has a vertical concept, if the list becomes too long, sometimes is difficult to get a real idea of the duties outside the main view.
Consider that it is a merely written To-Do-List. A very well-done checkbox list, but no more than that.



From their website: “Meet Evernote, your second brain.
Capture, organize, and share notes from anywhere. Your best ideas are always with you and always in sync. Enhance your notes with links, checklists, tables, attachments, and audio recordings. Even handwritten notes are searchable.

A complete tool ready to organize almost everything across your ideas and concepts. A perfect content collector.
It is always ready to receive any kind of input: A voice reminder, a handwritten sketch, a screenshot, a link, and much much more.
As many notebooks and tags as many projects you have. Easy sharing with others.
Reminders, cards and an endless number of other useful tools.
It gives the possibility to share without costs up to two different devices.

As it just said, only two devices can be synchronized, and for those are not so used to manage applications, it can be sensibly tough to change the connection from an old to a new device.
Because of its huge potentiality, it can be just a bit too spread as a To-Do-List, as well as catching immediately the written note made a few days before, over some other dozens, it can result not easy.



From their website: “Trello lets you work more collaboratively and get more done. Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible and rewarding way. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, Trello is the most visual way for teams to collaborate on any project.”

Trello is such a great tool that I can’t live without!
It is not only a To-Do-List, and it is neither only a Content Collector. Trello has something more for me. It can be considered a well-made basic Project Management tool.
Create as many boards as many your projects are. Manage lists in columns and speedy add new notes, attach documents, pictures, and provide more details.
Use the reminder, organize your calendar, give a color label, add a checklist, drag and drop in anywhere, till you will be visually satisfied with the result.
Synchronize it with all your devices while you can share it with all your team and get all of your single actions of your whole projects under control! Simply amazing…

I honestly can find only one unfair con (It is unfair because I suppose it wasn’t a natural born Management App). As Project Management usage, it has no way to create a timeline report, or, anyhow, a way to represent visually the status of the whole project, but only using the internal Checklists into the single notes.

Now let’s proceed with the Time Tracking Twins



I met Anuko in the worst way ever. I was working as a manager in a company with a serious problem of employers’ productivity. The situation went out of control, and it had been decided to force anyone to use this web application, reporting every single action done during the working hours, with a bunch of specifications. It technically worked, even sacrificing the mood of every team, and for that reason, I didn’t like the concept for a while.
I needed to wait for some more steps of adulthood to get the full meaning of this beautiful and precise tool.

It is extremely simple, linear, with no distractions.
Precise and very modular. It works as a database so it has a theoretical infinite potentiality of development.
It is online. Easy sharing. Easy control. Everywhere. Anytime.
It works. It works. And it works!

It is ugly. Oh my God! It is depressingly ugly. It kills the mood as it could be killed by the seeing a car accident.
It is very simple indeed, so simple that you can get only pie charts, with depressing colors.
It as not a mobile application. You can get it only by an internet connection and a browser.



From their website: “The ultimate timer. It’s insanely simple.
Toggl’s time tracker is built for speed and ease of use. Time logging with Toggl is so simple that you’ll actually use it. Toggl drives a stake in the heart of timesheets.”

It does exactly what it says. It is insanely simple, speedy, and easy to use.
A nice design makes all the job comfortable. You can add project, tags, notes, titles.
You can calculate the time from a real chronometer that you can start and stop easily, or you can easily report it lately inserting the data.
You can produce reports in any way you are pleased with, sync your devices (mobile included) and use it as an App or a website version.

I can’t see real Cons. Maybe only a half point. It is not a real con, ok, but there is a very useful option can be activated only with a premium (Not Free) version. The app can calculate how much is the cost of the time, updating the billing system in the base of the working hours. Very lovely!

Now, are you ready for a few free accounting applications? Let’s see these.

6. MMEX.


From their website: “Money Manager Ex is a free, open-source, cross-platform, easy-to-use personal finance software. It primarily helps organize one’s finances and keeps track of where, when and how the money goes. It is also a great tool to get a bird’s eye view of your financial worth. Money Manager includes all the basic features that 90% of users would want to see in a personal finance application. The design goals are to concentrate on simplicity and user-friendliness – something one can use every day.”

Let’s be honest and clear. It is not easy at all to find a good and efficient free tool ready to manage a medium company accounting.
So it does it. And the developers deserve a lot of claps, claps, and claps.
It is basically an efficient database where you can set all of your needs in there. Keep under control your account and create reports, budget, assets and much much more.
Once you spent a bit of time on the settings, it is there, stable, watching you, waiting for your next command,
faithful as a German shepherd.

Not a lot of it. It is ugly, but as I said. Hey! It is free, be thankful.
I didn’t find yet the possibility to synchronize it with my mobile.



Cashculator Free

From their website: “Reach your financial goals by planning your future. Keep track of your cash flow to make smarter financial decisions. Easily budget money by category, perform “what-if” scenarios comparisons and more”

Easy to use, easy to use and easy to use. Seriously.
A compact, nice, comfortable tool that can keep track of your incomes, expenses and give you in real time a balance and future scenarios.

It is not indicated for a company accounting, but only for a personal money tracking.

And now a long list of other useful stuff…



From their website: “Your writing, at its best. Grammarly makes sure everything you type is clear, effective, and mistake-free.”

Oh. Oh. Oh. Here we are! Are you not a native English speaker? Well, I am not either (as you can notice it). And I make you sure it is not simple to write something isn’t really yours.
Grammarly is perfect for my case, and for all those cases where some innocent writers need to deal with a fact that, almost surely, on the possibility to make some grammar mistakes, it will be made much more!
Grammarly can save us a bit, it can’t do miracles of course, but a lot of the job, yes. Whatever you will try to write online by Chrome, or even offline by the app, Grammarly will correct you. A nice way to pay attention with the “s”, the irregular verbs and all those weird rules that the weird native English people lovely have.

I can’t see any Cons. Ouch!



From their website: “MailChimp is the world’s largest marketing automation platform. Millions of customers, from small e-commerce shops to big online retailers, use MailChimp to reach their customers and grow their business.”

Make your email beautiful, with a very small effort. MailChimp is seriously the most famous platform where to create and manage lists of contacts, and send them a well-done marketing email. Perfect for CRM, Sales, Pitches or any other kind of company official communication.
With a drag and drop system, it’s very intuitive. A lot of tips will guide you to do not become a spammer. The internal filter will check the quality of your contacts. It will generate analytical reports and let you understand better how the people reacted.
The mailing management it is only a part of the power of MailChimp, but, for now, do not make it more complex than it.

The free edition (it is not just limited to 2.000 contacts) deploys the email with a MailChimp logo at the footer.
Not really comfortable to use it for sending nice emails communications to single people each time.



From their website: “Save time managing your social media. Buffer is a simpler and easier way to schedule posts, track the performance of your content, and manage all your accounts in one place.”
It would seem to be a pretty too technical stuff. I mean, a tool reserved exclusively to Social Media Managers, but not.
Any kind of company, at this modern age, must communicate through at least a social media. And not any kind of company can afford to hire a specialist only for that.
That is the reason why Buffer is for everyone. Or better, it should be!

Extremely easy and intuitive. Set all of your accounts. Upload images and videos. Write down something. Schedule your post. Forget about it.
You are free to move and no more limited to the publishing time.
A nice analytics is there to generate accurate reports.
Up to 10 schedules are allowed.

It is not working fluidly with all the social media (not their fault, but that the reality).
It has sometimes the problem to do not schedule different content at the same time because it recognizes as too similar. (In my case those were a series of animations with the same subject but in different stories and acting)



Ok. This is actually a bit too technical. But it is better to know what it is. Has your company got a website? Has it been done using WordPress? If the answer is, yes, you should give a look at YOAST.

It increases drastically the quality of your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), helping you to be more reachable from Google and other search engines.
It is quite intuitive. It is extremely powerful. It gives a lot of good tips.

Not easy to understand if you really know zero about this industry.
Not easy to install without the control of WordPress.
It is a quite technical tool.


From their website: “Is your team remote or distributed? Stay productive with effortless video collaboration!”
After using all the previous tool, do you already get customers? It is time to get a call with them so.
Forget the old and heavy Skype. Create an account on this website and start to use it for your video conferences.

Up to 8 people in a very smooth way.
High quality of calling.
Easy and intuitive to use.
Reserve a (virtual) room, lock it, personalize it, invite the others and enjoy the conversation with the possibility to share the screen too. Amazing!

Mmm. I don’t know. Maybe a too newer concept for someone? I can’t really see bad stuff here.



From their website: “Never forget another password.
Never misplaced. Never forgotten. Dashlane securely remembers all of your passwords.”
After all of these new tools, you should probably get plenty of new accounts and passwords. Do not forget, ever, that security today has started to be a serious problem to manage. Experts suggest to use different and complex passwords for any account. Including on those numbers, symbols, caps locks, small ones and a long series of characters. It would be hard to remember all of it.

Safe. Very safe! So safe than they encrypt even the data you send them, so if someone steals or hacks their database, cannot take anything!
Memorise in there all of your sensible data. User IDs, Passwords, Bank codes, documents, and much more. All of it will be protected by only one, long, complex master password you will invent and you will hide as your best secret ever.
Ok… if you want the system helps you to share it also with some of your friends (in consideration on any future problem), they can ask you to get a look at the data, with and after your permission of course.
Oh. Don’t you have enough fantasy to invent a proper complex password? The app has a generator that will do the hard job for you!
Moreover, Dashlane will memorize all of your inputs, and if you decide to keep it active, you can enter in all of your accounts only with one click, because the fields will be filled automatically by Dashlane.
But if you dislike this procedure, you can easily shout down the application, and there will be no way to enter in none of your accounts without a manual filling and a good memory.
In the free edition, for the first month, there is also included the sync with any device.

After the first month, the app can still be free of course. But without upgrading to the premium version, the app will not sync different devices. It means if you change a password updating Dashlane on the computer, you must do it again manually on your Dashlane phone account.
The main problem I see it’s if you are distracted, and you forget to close the application while you are away, someone can enter as easily as you would in any of your sensible data.
So. Pay attention to what you do.


Do you have other favourite apps? Do you have some other suggestion?
Write me down or contact me. It will be my pleasure get a look on it.

Love Espresso – Virtual Tour for Products and Services – Pitch Elevator

Love Espresso – Virtual Tour for Products and Services

360º Virtual Tour Love Espresso

This is a small pitch elevator for an Italian company operating around the South East Asia. They provide a series of choices about coffee in Capsules, Pods or Beans perfectly compatible with a large number of machines.
We created this solution as a soft Digital Marketing investment but with a high level of results. We cared to help their sales dept, making the pitch an easy and attractive game.

Love Espresso - Virtual Tour
Love Espresso – Virtual Tour

The quality is indisputably excellent and it is an all Made in Italy product. Enjoy the tour exploring the large choice they offer.

Get a look at our Virtual Showroom Solutions for Product and Services.
Contact us now!

Villa MaKi – 360º Virtual Tour – Explore the Real Estate with our VR Tech

Villa MaKi – 360º Virtual Tour

360º Virtual Tour Villa Maki

Explore the beauty of this new villa, located in Bali, very close to Echo Beach.
It is placed on the end of a small road over the rice paddies. A green garden, a blue swimming pool, and a warm atmosphere.

The kitchen is huge, at the ground floor. On the side, there is an enjoyable living room with pallet sofa and fashionable furnishments.
4 rooms in 4 differents floors, with private bathrooms and large spaces.
Explore all the beauties of this Real Estate with our 360º Virtual Tour, you will feel to put a step on there even before the reality comes.

Villa MaKi - 360º Virtual Tour
Villa MaKi – 360º Virtual Tour

Interactive Video – Video Content Marketing – Mixed Reality

Watch our last Interactive Video.

How to fill a blank sheet? – Welcome to my world

We are able to produce videos using a large number of catching technics. Enjoy the interaction between the animations, holograms and real life video. Enhance your communication with a surprising effect and capture the attention of your users.

Interactive Video Content Marketing
Interactive Video Content Marketing

Are you looking for something more? Our innovation is limitless. Get a look at our 360º Video and Image Content Marketing solutions, and you will find a new world to explore directly on Youtube and Facebook platforms.

The future is now, do not miss it.

360º Video Content Marketing – Be Different – Interactive Virtual Solutions

360º Video Content Marketing – Be different

Play with the 360º Video Animation directly on Facebook or Youtube.

Use new technics for your Video Content Marketing! We are able to produce Video Motions and Video Animations with a 360º technology.

Stand out from the crowd. Contact us for more information.

Content Marketing is a strategic method based on producing and spreading useful, pertinent, and professional content to catch the people’s attention and teach something about the own products and services, bringing interest on it and raising the opportunity of sales.

Get more information on our dedicated page:

360º Video Content Marketing
360º Video Content Marketing

360º Interactive Animation – Play with it directly on Youtube and Facebook

Into a Creative Mind – (360º Interactive Animation – Play with it directly on Youtube and Facebook)

We are Creative. We spend days and nights chasing ideas, being consumed by failures and attempts, falling and standing again, trying, trying, trying and never stop till we finally mold a pure concept into something real. Trough our thoughts, our brains, our hands and our souls.
We are Creative. And we are the Guardians of what is Beautiful in here. We receive cold stones and we create new coloured worlds. We give hopes, emotions, palpitations, sorrows, reasons. We change personalities. We make better people, and things possible.
We are Creative.
And yes. You can call it a curse, or a bless. But nothing will change the fact that we live in that future perspective of a result, we believe, we are never-stop industries and restless active volcanos, and a fascinating circus. We are the innovation, the evolution and the step forward.
We are Creative. Designers, writers, engineers, scientists, doctors, architects, teachers. We are all the human kind.
Be part of the history, follow your passion and show it to the whole world.
360º Animations – Tell your story
Play with the interactiveness directly on Facebook and Youtube

Nyepi – Ogoh Ogoh – Bali – Travel Video – Video Shooting

Nyepi is a unique day in Bali. Also called the “Silent Day“. For 24 hours no one, tourists included, can go out on the road, no television signal, airport and harbors are closed. No one can turn on the lights at night or make rumors.

Civilization will be forgotten for a whole day and a secular tradition will reign undisputed over a sacred silence and the darkness.

But if the Nyepi day is the introspection day, the night before it is its opposite. A parade of giant puppets, called Ogoh Ogoh, representing demons and mythological creatures is combined with rhythmic music and tribal dancers. They will step on any road attracting hundreds of people all around, creating an electric atmosphere of joy and participation.

Every single village in Bali will proudly show off months of working put on a single float, and their people will dance around and shake it, turn it, shake it again till the late night comes.

Puppets then will be destroyed and everyone will go to hide under the roof.
If you ask me: “How is Bali?“. I will answer you: “This is Bali!

Nyepi - Bali - Travel Video - Ogoh Ogoh - Ketungu
Nyepi – Bali – Travel Video – Ogoh Ogoh – Ketungu

360º Facebook images – Another opportunity to show off your Products and Services

Is it possible to use 360º Facebook images as an opportunity for your Digital Marketing?

The answer is: Yes! And in many different ways.
Today is very common to scroll along our Facebook walls and to see panoramic pictures of luxury Properties and beautiful Landscapes.
What about Products and Services?

The truth is: No! There are not there, yet.
The reason is that it is not so easy to produce a design and set it ready to be accepted by the 360º Facebook requirements.

Well. Here at Teomatarts we found the right solution. Using our technics we can produce any kind of content ready to be navigated directly by your Facebook followers without using any external plugin.

So not only real panoramic photos taken from real location, but also illustrations, graphic design and any kind of creativity.

There are no more limitation and any of these technics are very catchy and useful to attract people attention. Fully integrated with a Social Media Strategy and a powerful channel where to delivery any kind of communication. We love to produce new Solutions that are matching with you. Contact us for more informations.
We are waiting for produce your 360º Facebook images!

Meditation Land – Virtual Reality – 360º Virtual Tour – Virtual Showroom

“The Purpose of Life is a Life of Purpose”. A virtual reality showroom game inspired by the book “The man who sold his Ferrari”

Meditation Land - Virtual Reality

Transform your products and services in a game. Tell your story and capture the attention of your users with a Virtual Showroom

Meditation Land - Virtual Reality
Meditation Land – Virtual Reality

The Bridge – Virtual Tour – Transform your Products and Services in a game.

Here your Digital Marketing BOOST! The Bridge – Virtual Tour:

The Bridge - Virtual Tour

Transform your Products in a game and let users play with interactiveness. Contact us for more info.

The Bridge - Virtual Tour
The Bridge – Virtual Tour