Thai Massage – All the truth about that

If in your life you got even only one opportunity to get a walk on Thailand territory, you know what I mean.
Thai massage.

That kind of thing that anyone dreams as an endearing experience. A tanned exotic asian girl with a sweet voice, a flower leaning on the ear surrounded with long straight black hair that gently and softly gives to your body a touch of incomparable relax. Candle on. Soft music and….don’t be mischievous.

Well, the truth is that the traditional thai massage is surprisingly an amazing experience. Surprisingly because what you believe it was a relaxing time, it is on reality a traumatic extreme healthy stretching of your poor unprepared body.

The Thai Massage

The masseuse starts with a huge friendly smile, and that is all of what is comparable with a delicate mood. After that she or he will start to penetrate the fingers into every part of your lower legs as one of the best episode of KenShiro. But you will not explode, not. You wish it but not. After a kind of 45 minutes or torturing sufferance, you will heard a voice saying: “Now relax”. Well. Be scared my friend. Seriously. Be scared. After that moment you will start to feel your back creaks and rotates as you never suspected it could do before. It is a kind of battle, a ring of a WWO shows, a Mike Tyson fighting. You are the Jackie Chan enemy in that moment and it is too late to step off that mattress. 3 – 2 – 1. Game over.

And when you think your life is finished and scroll all your memories in one second waiting for the bright light, the hour is gone. The massage flow is now completed. “Khob khan khab mister”. Thank you. Bye.

And now you feel you are going to die alone. You will try so to move a finger wishing to keep feeling it. And you do. Same with legs, shoulders, neck and all the rest. You will try to stand. It works. Walk. No problems. Move your body. And instantly you discover that all of that before…it just turned you amazingly good. Your bones seem to be younger, your muscles tonic, your tends back to teenager time.
Yes. Thai massage is surprisingly an amazing experience. And now, if you read all of it, it is not anymore surprisingly. Enjoy your massage.

Thai Massage
Thai Massage