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Times ago, illustrations were the only option to advertise something, call it, special. Whenever the new born photography cannot be useful, or it was too expensive, amazing artist created all the rest to make any concept real. Covers, product advertising till the movie posters. Now? After a middle age of indecision, finally the hand-computer-made art is back. Why?

  • Illustrations no need physics laws and it's cheaper than other technics.
  • Illustrations give an natural idea of simplicity.
  • Flat design is one of the most used technics for content marketing.
  • Photo realistic design never stops to give that WOW effects always useful.

I can provide any kind of illustrated design. From a semi-real simulation of reality, till flat-design, cartooning, product simulations, infographics, covers, advertising and much much more.

Photo-Realistic PORTFOLIO:

Flat Design

Flat Design
Flat Design
Flat design is that kind of illustration where all tones are reduces at maximum. Not so much shadows and not so much choice of colours at all. The best of it is actually produce a completely flat, but coloured image.

It doesn't mean Flat design is less attractive. It means Flat Design is more easy, and also speedy to produce and convenient for business.

Photo-Realistic Illustrations

Photo realistic
Photo realistic
With a combination of many softwares it is possible to represent the reality as much as it is possible with an illustration. Why?

The reasons are many, most of the time because we need to show something that doesn't exist yet, or maybe in a position which we have not in any pictures. Or maybe just for giving something special to our communication.

Illustrations - Use art to play with reality

I am Italian, and I learnt to love art. For centuries thousands of artists taught technics generation by generation reaching a perfection that till today let people around the world with a open mouth in front of amazing master pieces.

Why? We have a instinct, a sense of respect on what we are not able to do by ourselves. And painting is not a skills that anyone has. This is the reason why illustrations are a useful weapon for a marketing point of view. If we use it for a "wow" effects or a support to re-create something which cannot be photographed, well it the right solution.

An easy way as support for content marketing, explaining concepts, clear ideas, learning with fun or simply reduce that kind of heavy impact in front of difficult matters. Are you ready to create your?




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Flat Design

Flat Design and Commercial PORTFOLIO:

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