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Nyepi is a unique day in Bali. Also called the “Silent Day“. For 24 hours no one, tourists included, can go out on the road, no television signal, airport and harbors are closed. No one can turn on the lights at night or make rumors.

Civilization will be forgotten for a whole day and a secular tradition will reign undisputed over a sacred silence and the darkness.

But if the Nyepi day is the introspection day, the night before it is its opposite. A parade of giant puppets, called Ogoh Ogoh, representing demons and mythological creatures is combined with rhythmic music and tribal dancers. They will step on any road attracting hundreds of people all around, creating an electric atmosphere of joy and participation.

Every single village in Bali will proudly show off months of working put on a single float, and their people will dance around and shake it, turn it, shake it again till the late night comes.

Puppets then will be destroyed and everyone will go to hide under the roof.
If you ask me: “How is Bali?“. I will answer you: “This is Bali!

Nyepi - Bali - Travel Video - Ogoh Ogoh - Ketungu
Nyepi – Bali – Travel Video – Ogoh Ogoh – Ketungu

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