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The future of digital marketing is on video content. This is what people as Mark Zuckerberg in person would tell you right now. In fact it is not a legend:

  • According to Cisco, the 69% of internet traffic it is by videos.
  • The 75% of users look for more informations after viewing a video.
  • The 74% declare a better understanding of the product or service.
  • Videos fit better on mobile screen, the first used devices.

That's the reason why the video content marketing is increasing enormously in the last years, and many companies are choosing to show their concept through a video.

Conversion from videos (%)
Mobile traffic (%)
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Internet users (million)

Classic Video Production

Classic Video
Classic Videos
A series of technics starting from a slow motion recording till a professional cut, edit and colouring postproduction, can easily make any concept much more interesting than any other written content.

There are no limitations, nor per sector, neither per creativity. Restaurants, hotels, IT, corporate services, story-telling, e-learning everyone are welcomed and expressly invited to show off any idea.

Augmented Reality simulation

Augmented Reality Videos
Augmented Reality Videos
Imagine to have to explain something in front of a camera. Imagine you have the possibility to do that in a Hollywood style, as part of the Minority Report style.

Imagine now the impact over a final user. It is not only the "WOW" effect that makes the difference, but also that possibility to make a long speech attractive and understandable with the support of interactive image over a classic shooting.

Videography and Augmented Reality

Since remote time videos are an excellent way to delivery stories and messages to a wide range of people. It is enough thinking about the long list of Hollywood movies or the hundreds of advertising we watch everyday on tv and here on internet.

But it is specifically in the second case that should bring you interest. Yes, because a video tv production has extremely high costs in terms of quality and ad spots, but whatever has as final target the web, could bring much more opportunities to low down prices.

What about the quality? Well, not effected at all. Not from the users perspective at least. Everything can be done, from a classic video production, till some revolutionary technics such as Augmented Reality simulations and Virtual Reality interactions. Overall videos are a very powerful weapon for digital marketing since are perfectly indexed and can delivery complex concept in a short and really easy way.
Examples can be endless now, the only thing to do is discuss about your idea and make that easy.




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