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7 Factors for Creating Viral Marketing Campaigns The Science Behind Shareability

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Viral marketing is the art of creating content that rapidly spreads through spontaneous online sharing, reaching a much larger audience than its original target. But what are the factors that make these events possible, and can we really predict them?

Factor #1: Content That Evokes Emotions.

Among the possible techniques to use, one could try to evoke strong emotions in the audience. Content that elicits laughter, annoyance, amazement, sadness, inspiration, or surprise is more likely to be shared because it connects on a personal level.

In the world of marketing, this is not new, just as it isn't in the world of cinema and entertainment. Emotions have the power to travel quickly through our neurons and even anchor in our memories.
Strong emotions spontaneously trigger reactions, including agreement or disagreement. How can you keep such an opinion to yourself? This is where the sharing mechanism comes into play.

Our brains are a strange and predictable machine, aren't they?

Factor #2: Extremely Engaging Visuals.

Extremely stunning images or videos capture the attention of many, to the point of making them shareable content. Vibrant colors, engaging graphics, and captivating animations can significantly increase the sharing potential.
Anything that evokes amazement and makes the potential sharer feel a step ahead of others, just for discovering this online gem, could be an additional possibility to become a viral topic.

Factor #3: Interactivity and Participation.

Campaigns that require audience participation, including elements of gamification marketing such as challenges or contests, often go viral when well-structured. Encouraging users to actively interact with our content, especially if designed to arouse curiosity, is a tactic that generates enthusiasm and motivates them to share their experiences.

Factor #4: Uniqueness and Surprise.

Unconventional and surprising elements can ignite curiosity and intrigue, setting the content apart from the masses and increasing its sharing potential.

Factor #5: Aligning with the Values and Identity of the Reference Community.

Content that aligns with the values and identity of the audience strikes a deeper chord with them and is more likely to be shared as an expression of their beliefs.

Factor #6: Riding the Trend Wave.

Another technique recognized as potentially effective is to leverage current trends, popular topics, or references to modern culture. A joke, a clever idea, a critical perspective on a fresh and popular news item allows riding the wave of existing conversations, increasing the potential for shareability.

In this case, the use of hashtags is crucial.

Factor #7: Encourage Social Sharing.

It may seem like a triviality, something superfluous, but it isn't. Explicitly asking your audience to willingly share the content among their followers and friends can significantly increase the reach of your viral campaign. Many times, when we like something as viewers, we would even want to introduce it to our circle of acquaintances, but we often forget to do so. Responding to the creator's appeal, a sense of gratitude for creating something we like, that kind part of us, may come out and kindly execute that simple request. Yes, it often works, so let's do it!

Was that interesting enough? Have a happy marketing!

Author Teomat Digital Arts

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