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Growth Hacking Techniques: 8 Innovative Methods for Rapid Growth

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This will be a journey through the discovery of 8 revolutionary and repeatable methods that have redefined the world of marketing, propelling many companies to unprecedented success in various industries.

Method #1: Understanding the Art of Growth Hacking.

Growth Hacking is a marketing strategy focused on rapidly growing a company, pursuing fundamental objectives such as the marketing funnel, digital experimentation, optimization through testing, and analytical study of results. This type of approach makes it possible to improve communication paths as well as those of customers, replicate or eliminate ideas based on their performance, and evaluate resources more carefully.

Method #2: Use the Force of Virality.

One of the techniques used in Growth Hacking is to aim for the virality of content. Virality comes into play when content travels from person to person at sustained rates, becoming mass content. Techniques for creating viral content (or rather attempting to make it viral) are diverse and must be tailored to the field of action of companies. They often include techniques involving instinctive, social, and psychological elements.

Method #3: Leveraging User-generated Content.

Another important element in Growth Hacking is to explore the path of User-Generated Content, meaning content generated by our customers in support of our project. This strategy can include reviews, collaborative podcasts, interviews, and certain types of contests. Whatever strategy is used to convince a user to talk about us, the result will be a boon for authenticity and community consolidation.

Method #4: Utilizing Referral Programs.

Why earn a little by yourself when you can earn a lot together? Referral Programs emerge as allies of a valid Growth Hacking strategy. What are Referral Programs? In summary, they are a kind of "If you bring me a paying customer, I'll give you something in return, be it money or freebies".
So why not design and implement functional referral systems, turning our old customers into ardent brand advocates and thus fueling the acquisition of new customers?

Method #5: Data-Analytics-Based Optimization.

Analytical and statistical data are fundamental for feeding healthy business growth and decision-making. Learn to collect, analyze, and utilize the analytical data acquired from your digital platforms to perfect every aspect of your marketing funnel, from the first contact to the final sale.

Method #6: A/B Testing for Continuous Evolution.

Improvement, even in the face of initial success, must be ongoing, and this can be easily achieved by setting up A/B testing strategies. A/B tests involve multiple but different versions of the same action or advertising campaign, linked to an analytical data tool.
Some visitors will see version A of our communication, others will see version B, or why not even a C?
Based on the response statistics received, we can genuinely reveal which of all versions is the most effective. This approach helps us determine which strategy might be most useful in promoting our website, email campaigns, search engine or social media advertising more effectively, thus accelerating our growth factor.

Method #7: Personalization.

With our collected data in hand, it will be easier to understand our audience, divide it into segments, and develop different communication paths aimed at creating deeper connections. Interesting approaches involve using automated paths by identifying targeted actions. In simple terms? A newly subscribed user receives a certain email, a recent buyer receives another. Users who frequently comment receive specific attention, and so on. A brand that shows closeness to its audience gains unlimited trust, and thus a consolidated space in the market.

Method #8: Social Media as Support for Effective Growth Hacking.

What better containers for people and useful information could there be than social media? Although these tools are used by all of us, more or less daily, they must be taken seriously in this case, with an undoubtedly professional touch. We must know all the tricks to use them to the fullest, to cultivate interactions, attract new followers, but above all, turn them into new customers. In the end, fewer likes, more sales.

In conclusion, growth hacking has pushed the marketing arena into a new playing field, with rapidly changing rules. If understood well enough, these rules allow companies to scale their business at an unprecedented speed. Are we ready to structure our strategy and invest in this direction?

Author Teomat Digital Arts

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