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SEO ChatGPT - Can We Get Our Project Indexed by ChatGPT?

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ChatGPT probably doesn't need lengthy introductions. It's currently the most widely used artificial intelligence platform for generating texts, answering questions, and providing responses to a wide range of inquiries. Especially considering the latter point, ChatGPT is increasingly behaving like a search engine, offering branded responses, much like a competitor to Google.

So, is there a possibility to get what we're doing indexed by ChatGPT?

Consideration #1: Outdated Data.

The first thing to understand, at least when using the most common form of ChatGPT, which is the free version, is that the informational network on which this electronic brain is based results from data collected years ago. Therefore, even if we wanted to move in this direction today, it would take some time before we could get indexed.

So, we need to be patient and focus on designing our strategies for the future.

Consideration #2: What Does It Take to Get Noticed by ChatGPT?

Based on the responses ChatGPT provides today, let's try to understand how it operates and what algorithms it uses to favor one brand over another when it needs to present them as responses to user queries. To simplify the concept, let's list the most important elements transcribed in order of relevance:

A. Brand Mention:

How many times has our brand been mentioned by others online?

B. Relevance:

How much correlation exists between what a user is searching for on ChatGPT and our products?

C. Reviews:

Not only the quantity but also the rating of our reviews is crucial and taken into serious consideration.

D. Authority:

How much following do we have online? How long have we registered our domain? How many are talking about us?

E. Age:

Are we a new company or a startup? How many of our competitors have a more established history than ours?

F. Recommendation:

How many other sites explicitly recommend us as a solution to a specific problem?

Technical Details:

If we delve into these insights, we'll notice that Brand Mention, Reviews, and Recommendations are essentially three pieces of one container. In other words:

How much are we on the lips of others? It's always others talking about us, never us talking about ourselves. So, ChatGPT is interested in offering what are the existing recommendations of users.

When we combine Relevance, Authority, and Age, it's easy to see that the system doesn't differ significantly from traditional SEO strategies but essentially follows the same path.

In conclusion:

It seems that to get into the good graces of the much-loved and much-hated artificial intelligence platform, we need to do a lot of work, but it's remarkably similar to what we should do to aim for the first pages of Google using SEO techniques.

Author Teomat Digital Arts

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