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LinkedIn SEO - How to Gain More Visibility on LinkedIn?

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There are several factors that can work in our favor. Let's get inside the details.

Factor #1: Relevancy.

Are our skills related to what the user is currently looking for? Does my content align with the expertise I declare on my profile? The more well-aligned these data intersections are, the higher the chances of being discovered.

Factor #2: Engagement.

The more we can generate interest among our viewers, the more LinkedIn will appreciate us and offer us visibility. A good piece of advice is to consistently create content and try to keep our profile, both personal and business, as active as possible.

Factor #3: Personal Connections.

The rule is that initially, our content will only be shown to first-degree connections, those with whom we have a direct connection and mutually follow each other. If the right spark is ignited, LinkedIn will reward us by extending our reach to second-degree connections, and even third-degree connections.

Therefore, a good recommendation to make all of this possible is to write articles that generate real interest and are helpful to others.

Factor #4: Keywords.

Keywords, like many other social media platforms, are crucial. A single keyword can make our content visible not only to direct connections but also to anyone searching for content that uses that specific keyword, thereby expanding the reach far beyond our immediate network.

Factor #5: Profile Completeness.

Have we completed our profile professionally? Does our image represent us seriously? Have we followed all the recommendations that LinkedIn offers to appear even more reliable? Aesthetics, in this case, make a significant difference.

Factor #6: Regular Activity.

Are we active on LinkedIn frequently? Do we write as often? Do we comment on others' posts? Do we give them a thumbs up? Do we share something interesting that didn't come from our own hands? Well, the more we engage in community actions like these in our strategies, the more LinkedIn will help raise us from the dark depths of social obscurity.

Factor #7: Endorsement.

What do other people think of us? Do they respect us? Do they dislike us? Or, more commonly, do they ignore us? Well, the opinions of third parties seem to be very important for LinkedIn and actually for all platforms and electronic brains in general because they are a sign of trust and proven professionalism. Ask our colleagues and friends to write something about us, and we will surely benefit from it.

Author Teomat Digital Arts

Matteo - Teomat Digital Arts

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Matteo is an experienced freelancer who serves as an outsourcing manager for multiple international projects. He has a passion for programming, content creatin, eating pizza, and developing innovative solutions. A native Italian, he resides in Bali and is a devoted family man and nature enthusiast. When he's not in front of the computer, you can likely find him trekking through the heart of a jungle or unwinding on a secred beach.

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